Hi, Micha
and rest of the Fiverr Team...

My name is Marco Gurnari, an Italian Growth Hacker with a dream: working at Fiverr 🥳
I know that resumes are boring and for this reason, I’ve made this entire site to show my passion and give you some tip and suggestions for your new market: Italy 🍕

I know you are planning to increase your Business in Italy and I am here to help you with Data and Marketing tips...

... but before going forward, why you have chosen Italy? Source 

Great Small Businesses

Their contribution to the overall GDP of the nation is about 73%, according to the OECD

We are Big

We are the third largest in Europe after Germany and France

5.5 million freelancers

who represent almost 16% of the Italian GDP
Demographic of Italian Freelancers
I love numbers and I think that data about demographic, incomes and other arguments are crucial for Business and Marketing Activities

14% of the italian freelancers is 25-29 years old

35% of the italian freelancers is under 40 years old

more than 60% of the italian freelancers is 40-60 years old

Italian freelancers want earn more money ...

and after the Covid-19 probably they are looking for new income sources
Source: Statista
Source: Statista

Ok, let's talk about Marketing

I would suggest PPC Campaigns be present on the most popular searches (the Italian keywords are cheaper than the English ones), advertising on the social networks, and, the new trend, influencer marketing, in order to find new customers and freelancers!

I am ready to help Gali and the rest of the team with the Marketing Activity for the Italian version of the platform and for the rest of the World 💪
The new trend: Influencer Marketing
I've listed for you the most relevant Italian Influencers in different niches (Marketing, Illustrations, Music ..). I've listed only YouTubers because in my opinion the videos are the best media to promote Fiverr and YouTube Italy is growing quickly... enjoy it ;)


987k Subcribers


The most famous Italian illustrator on YouTube. 
She already published a video about working with Fiverr that reached 1M views 

Maurizo Merluzzo

987k Subcribers

Voice Over

The most famous voice actor in Italy. He is followed by young voice actors who could become freelancers in your platform


987k Subcribers


Fraffrog's colleague. They work together and there is the possibility to organize challenges and other sponsored videos alone or together

Mark The Hammer

987k Subcribers


The most famous "Music Expert" in Italy on YouTube. He plays with famous artists and was a guest on Television too. The channel is growing quickly with an amazing engagement 

Arcade Boyz

417k Subcribers


A growing channel about music with a particular focus on Trap, Rap and similars. They could be perfect for other Sponsored Videos about Beats, Rap Songs and other

Il Signor Franz

192 k Subcribers


This channel has not a single focus. He speaks about Travel, general blogs and photography. The most relevant category for you is the last one

Electric Peo

155 k Subcribers


The most famous Italian channel about Animation. A video about Fiverr animators could be perfect and reach amazing results as the ones in English

Photoshop Facile

144 k Subcribers


The most famous Italian channel about Photoshop. An easy suggestion: a video about Photo Editing comparing different gigs

Slim Dogs

124 k Subcribers

Video Editing

The most famous italian channel about Video Editing. Video about Fiverr in this field reached amazing results in the American Market


111 k Subcribers

Video Editing

Another italian video maker. He recently launched his own course about Video Editing, but probably a video about Fiverr is out his feed!

Icona Boy

90 k Subcribers


An amazing growing channel about Beat Making and with more than 1k Patreons.
 Also in this case it is possible to collaborate for a video about other beat makers in your Platform

Walter Quiet

75k Subcribers


One of the most famous italian photographers on YouTube. Like the suggestion with Photoshop Facile, it could be interesting a video about Photo Editing or related arguments

Dario Vignali

48k Subcribers


One of the most famous experts of Digital Marketing in Italy.
With a video by Dario you could reach freelancers in a new niche compared to the previous ones: social media managers, digital strategists and others


44k Subcribers


The most famous influencer about Product Design. There are not many gigs about this argument in your Platform and for this reason this Influencer could be contacted in a second part of the strategy

Ignazio Munzù

6k Subcribers


The most famous italian expert about Kindle Publishing on YouTube. He has a course about this argument and could suggest freelancers about eBook covers and Writers

Emanuele Abrate

4k Subcribers

Logo Design

The italian logo expert with more followers on YouTube. 
He has published different logo analyses and a sponsored video could be great for freelancers on this field
Ok, now it's my turn ...
Probably you are thinking about what are my skills. I've a Master's Degree in Finance, Economics and International Integration and a Bachelor's degree in Management, but this is only the Educational background.
I've co-founded a Fintech Startup and worked in the Marketing sector as Freelancer for many years, but I can tell more about me and my experience in another part ...

What I can do for you

Why Me?
At this point you can go forward in two ways:

First Option

You can check my full resume on Fiverr or contact me directly.

Second Option

if you have apreciated this strange resume, simply share with your network
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